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Starting A Cleaning Business   no comments

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The cleaning business is a very lucrative one, and as people begin to embrace and welcome service providers to their homes and offices, the profits continue to grow. There are two markets or niches that one can specialize in, the domestic and the commercial market. Domestic focuses on cleaning homes and all what comes with it, like carpet cleaning in North Brisbane. The commercial market deals with cleaning business premises and offices. The beauty about these niches is the fact that every market segment has numerous ways in which one could specialize. For instance, in the commercial sector, a cleaning company might clean offices, or an industrial company workshop. With conditions like this, there is never a shortage of clientele. What this means for the entrepreneur is that they can build a company that suits their individual style, preference and talent.

There are many decisions one will have to make when they are joining the business. One of the key ones is whether to join as an independent contractor or a franchise. Joining a franchise can be an advantage because they have already established businesses. They help in the transition, and one will benefit from their experience and the reputation they bring to the table. However, with time, one might want to break away as they become more secure, experienced and stable. In the long run, joining a franchise will be costlier than going it alone. Being independent means one charts their own way, without being tied down to any known ways, concepts or formulae.
Financing is another consideration one should make. This business needs a lot of investment to start, without which one cannot have the desired impact they require to be a successful startup. One has to buy equipment and supplies. One of the sources of financing is from individual resources. These include money in savings or retirement accounts, real estate equity, and their own vehicles and so on.

Friends and family can also chip in to the investment. However, one should be very careful with these arrangements. Regardless of the closeness of the relationship between the two, the business transaction must always remain professional. Another popular method of approaching financing is to use partnerships. Approaching the financial hurdle with a partner or two alleviates the weight. Partners come with different approaches. Some might have money to invest but not the willingness to get their hands dirty. Others might want to be part and parcel of the process from the word go. Whatever the nature of the partnership, everything should be stated clearly before proceeding. There is also the option taking advantage of government programs. The government has grants and loans, some of them specially designed to help out business startups such as in cases like this. One must also invest in transport. This is important because most carpet cleaning in Mackay businesses never have customers visiting them. Vehicles are important in this process and they have to be properly maintained and marked. The vehicle is the first thing customers see when company representatives come around. It has to be well maintained and be able to serve the cleaning company well.

Written by Johannes Kraft on October 29th, 2014

ISO 9000 Certification Documented Procedures   no comments

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For the process of ISO 9000 certification to achieve success, it is important to ensure that all the required procedures are well documented and the documents are well kept. Being a quality oriented process, it is very important to ensure that all the processes can be traced from their origin to the last activity. It is through this that each and every person in the organization will become accountable for their action and in addition, the organization will inculcate the culture of record keeping in their organization and more so amongst the members of staff.
Internal audit is one key function that any organization should embrace. In reality this function deals with assessment of various internal control systems that the organization has put in place. Weak internal control systems will lead to fraud, misuse and embezzlement of the organization’s assets. This is very detrimental in the context that in the long run, the organization will be crippled and the results could be closure. To avoid this, the organization should establish the internal audit function and employ a competent and qualified occupational health and safety management system to provide internal audit services. On the contrary, the organization may decide to outsource this service.
Outsourcing enhances independence and reduces the cost of operations as the auditor will only be coming to the organization on diverse dates. The organization will not be required to maintain the auditor on the payroll. Once the auditor carries out the audit procedures, they are required to document them. Each and every step of the process should have records since this will act as evidence in case such evidence is required. In addition, it is a requirement of the certification process that all the processes should be documented and kept safely. In addition, all the records of the organization should be controlled. This is in the context that no record should be allowed to move from one place to another without any form of recording.
If a record moves from one office to another, there should be nothing of such movement in the relevant registers. This is very important in this certification process. Each and every department should have its own manual to use in their day to day activities and such manuals should conform to the international standards that are available. Any contraction with the standards will mean that the organization is not taking the process seriously and this could lead to other measures being taken by the International Standards Organization.
AS 4801 management systems have assessors who are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all the organizations that have implemented these systems are assisted to make continuous improvement on them. This very important as there occur changes and other amendments that the organization will need to know in case they happen. This will enable the organization to implement such amendments in order for them to achieve high quality services and products to their clients. Quality management consultants have borrowed heavily from other certification process in their quest to achieve a standard that can guarantee high quality food processes in the world.

Written by Johannes Kraft on October 23rd, 2014