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If you’ve ever thought about giving your shower a little bit of a facelift, but can’t afford a full renovation or bath screens in Melbourne it may be worth looking into installing a sliding shower door.  These doors are relatively easy to install and can be easily done on a weekend. If you currently have an old shower curtain, a shower door can stop any cold drafts and eliminate water dripping and leaking over the floor. There are two options when wanting to install a new shower screen; the first is to get a professional in to do it for you and the second is to do it yourself. If you aren’t confident enough to do the job yourself, it is best to shop around for a few quotes; prices can differ between installers, and if you have a budget, you will need to work this cost in with the actual cost of the shower screen. If you’ve never installed a shower screen before you will need to ensure you have all the right materials and tools including masking tape, a tape measure, hacksaw, file, drill and bits, bathroom silicon and of course, your sliding door. There are other items you will need and the company you buy your shower screen from should be able to give you the whole list.

If you are installing it yourself, first things first – measure; twice. You need to determine where the channel for the screen will sit; it needs to be flat and level. Mark this spot with a pencil and measure again to ensure you have the right length. You will also need to mark the channel so you know exactly where to cut it. Next up comes the cutting of the channel; clamp the pieces securely to a workbench, and cut the pieces to your measurements. Lightly file the edges to ensure a smooth finish, and check that the pieces fit where they are meant to. It is now time to set the channels and rails in place. You can do this by securing with masking tape, and then using a level to ensure the pieces are straight. Once you have done this, mark the holes for mounting with a pencil. It is best to remove the side rails before drilling to give you more room to manoeuvre.

From here you need to drill the holes, put the anchors into place and put a line of silicone in for the track. Set your track in place making sure the weep holes are on the inside of the shower. Install the top rail, pop the rollers on and hang the door. The last things you will need to do include attaching the door handle and silicone up the area where the sides meet the shower wall to stop any leaking shower screens in Adelaide of high quality. It is fairly easy to install a shower screen and by following the instructions from the manufacturer you should have a new shower screen in no time.  

Written by Johannes Kraft on July 31st, 2014